Cricket In Israel
Cricket In Israel

Cricket has always been an integral part of the Indian community and as the people migrated to other countries in search of livelihood so did cricket moved with them.

The history of cricket in Israel is also very old. The first migrants from India in the 1950s brought the game to Israel and since then it has flourished in this country. The passion for the game had expanded and an official cricket league was set up in the early 90s “Israel Cricket Association”.

Currently, the leagues are played in two divisions.

Division 1 LeaugeDivision 2 Leauge
Kiryat Gat Cricket ClubAshdod A Cricket Club
Lod Rangers Cricket ClubBeer Sheva Cricket Club
Neve Yonatan Shimson Cricket ClubBeer Sheva Masters
Raanana Cricket ClubDimona A Cricket Club
Sri Lanka Jerusalem Cricket ClubDimona-C Cricket Club
Sri Lanka Tel Aviv Cricket ClubEilat Sitar Cricket Club
Super Lions Lod Cricket ClubLions Lod Academy
Young Ashdod Cricket ClubMoadon Lod Cricket Club
Petach Tiqwa Cricket Club
SriLanka Youth Cricket Club

The matches are played in 40 over format and the games are played on Saturday. The new T20 league is also been played now and offers a very exciting mode of play.

The league is played at the following cricket grounds.

  • Dimona Cricket Ground
  • Eilat Cricket Ground
  • Hadar Yosef Cricket Ground, Tel Aviv
  • Kiryat Gat Cricket Ground
  • Lod Cricket Ground

Cricket is also being played at various universities by the Indian students/visitors. Luna Park in Tel Aviv also hosts few games and tournaments in summers. Few night league matches are also being played in Petach Tiqwa too.

I shall be presenting more such details about cricket in Israel soon.

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